When you finally have the time to work on your project

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Last week I caught a cold, I was at home for five days and I didn’t get much done except catch up on a lot of TV. A lot of the time was resting, or going to the clinic and pharmacy. I couldn’t get myself to do 20 minutes of writing, or an hour of drawing. I think it has something to do with routine and structure. We can sometimes be more productive when we’re busier because we have to be. When you have to squeeze in your personal work in the few hours before and after work you find that time. When you have ample free time, you wait for the right time when you feel like working. We almost never feel like working. You can have week off, or a holiday weekend and still struggle to get things on your to-do list checked off.

Now that I know this, I think I can plan for my day off or free weekend. One option is to schedule your personal work. If you have a free week and you want to work on your project treat it like work. Have a start and end time, and at the end of the day put the work down and relax. Another alternative is to recognize that this is a break. Allow yourself to relax fully, don’t worry about getting work done and absolve yourself of guilt.

I think to myself about all the things I’d get done if only I had the time. Often that’s not the case, even when I get the time I can’t sit down and do the work. The truth is we have the time now. There’s no use waiting because there’s never the right time. If you have a project you are dying to make start chipping away at it. Evenings, weekends, any time, you can afford to start doing it now.

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